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  1. cartierlovejesduas That hospital cares about nothing but the money they make. Even the charge nurses, most of them, are incompetent. The charge nurse I worked under did not even fill out our renewals for our licenses. I know of several people who lost their schooling, licenses, certs, and JOBS due to the lack of the charge nurse ever filling our our renewals. THIRD MEDICAL FLOOR CHARGE NURSE PAT, A WOMAN WHO IS NO LONGER THE CHARGE NURSE THERE BUT STILL WORKS IN THAT HOSPITAL. We were always understaffed and never had anyone to go to about it because she was never on floor. Our patients got the best care we could give them and that resulted in us being rushed and late ending shift some but we did what we had to. I had started applying for other jobs a few mrhs in because I was never slated for my CPR class, as everyone knows you have to be current and keep current. The charge nurse was never there and I reminded her daily of my need of my BLS CPT & First Aid. NEVER did I get it. I lost my license before I ever got it when renewal time came around I gave Pat . The charge nurse, my renewal forms and she sat on them as I learned from many others they were working new places BC she failed to renew their licenses and certs too. DREW DID NOT HAVE TO DIE. THAT HOSPITALS ICOMPETENT WORKERS DUE TO THEIR LACK OF STANDARDS AND MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE RUNNING THAT HOSPITAL ARE USELESS AS ARE MOST OF THEIR ER PHYSICIANS. Its scary that people of Carteret County have only that horrible hospital to be taken to. if I lived in Carteret County I would derive right on up to Carolina East. At least they actually care about their hospital, patients, and workers. God bless Drew’s family. And Drew you are missed. And yes my son knew Drew. That hospital needs COMPLETE RESTRUCTURE FROM THE TOP DOWN!
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